129 thoughts on “Ngatea Water Gardens

  1. Looks to be a gorgeous place to visit. And the colors you’ve captured of that bird are so vibrant and beautiful.

  2. just love the way the ducks are walking in a line on the bridge. such a beautiful park, which is why you can’t stand there. if everyone stood there it would kill the grass:-)

  3. Beautiful photos! The colours you’ve captured are so vital and alive…and I love that Manderin (if my memory serves me rightly) Duck…lovley photographic skills ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Wonderful shots. I love the colors of the Mandarin duck and the image of the ducks in a row crossing the bridge. I like how the boats for hire were “cheap.” I hope so: they’re submerged!

    Thanks for taking me with you on this adventure.

  5. You took me on an visual journey. Thanks! and beautiful art. What an eye you have “)

  6. I just adore those duck photos .. they are all so very sweet. I love ducks and will be going to Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary (Victoria, BC) this week to visit them again .. first time since last spring. These multi-coloured ducks are fantastic .. I would love to know the type and where the photos were taken … same location or different ones?

    Beautiful photos altogether .. thanks for posting them!!!

  7. Beautiful photos! The one of the ducks on the bridge is funny. The flowers are so pretty! I love the picture of the submerged boats and the sign in front. Also love the tile that says “Do Not Stand Here.” Great job!

  8. You’ve been to Ngatea Water Gardens? I LIVE IN NGATEA! :] The water gardens are so pretty and the photos you took really show some of the best part of the gardens :] They’re so pretty and vibrant :] I hope you had a good time at the gardens :]

  9. Fantastic!!you would think as you pass NGATEA that this place exists— I never knew about and I spend 6 months of the year in Whitianga!! thanks for sharing

  10. Love your sense of humour with that last pic. As a photographer, I’ve sometimes jumped over balconies or climbed over safety barriers or jumped on top of place markers on some mountains.

    That colour on the mandarin duck is really vibrant and three ducks on the bridge photo is artistically composed. Great work – makes me want to visit the place!

  11. Thanks for the great photos. With photos such as yours I can experience places I would never be able to see in person.

  12. LOVE these photos! Especially the one of the ducks crossing the bridge…so cute! ๐Ÿ™‚

    P.S. As for the last one, I also would have stood there… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. Oh my goodness, that bird is beautiful… I love your photography! I’m a photographer of sort myself. Your pictures are gorgeous!

  14. “Ha, what a dare devil.” I said. “STEP! STEP! STEP! DARE YOU TO STEP!” my friend says over my shoulder

  15. The Mandarin duck is remarkably beautiful. Thank you for sharing it. I also love trail of ducks on the bridge. Lovely work.

  16. I loved the flowers great shots. with a little bit of humor with the boats for hire, some words would be great, letting us know what it was like there.

  17. lovely colourful photos. Of course you had to stand on the “do not stand here” its just too tempting ๐Ÿ˜‰ x


  18. New Zealand isn’t this? I’ll love to go back to that beautiful country some day soon. the picture of the bird really caught my eye….very colorful and vibrant! Thanks for sharing!

  19. True,the pictures are wonderful.We have very good scenes for the Bloggers and the Word to look at but my limitation is still a Camera I do not have now Any one for a donation in that regard .

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